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Chiara & Francesco
  • Chiara & Francesco

  • Wedding date: 25/06/2015
Thanks to ilbiancoeilrosa we made the wedding that we dreamed and we enjoyed the wonderful part of this event without the stress of the preparation. Our guests were welcomed with professionalism and pampered from start to to end of the reception. The feeling created with ilbiancoeilrosa team helped make our wedding memorable for us and for our families.
Alice & Domenico
  • Alice & Domenico

  • Wedding date: 13/06/2015
The wedding day could not have gone better. We are really proud and happy to have committed to ilbiancoeilrosa our biggest day. Thanks to their work and their dedication we had the wedding we wanted without stress. I recommend everyone to entrust to them the organization of such an important event.
Alessandra & Massimiliano
  • Alessandra & Massimiliano

  • Wedding date: 14/09/2014
We choose ilbiancoeilrosa after meeting other 3 wedding planners in Lucca and 1 in Florence. Do not waste your time because professionalism, friendliness and price does not fear rivals. They really helped to make the day of our wedding as in our dreams. Viva ilbiancoeilrosa!
Roberta & Simone
  • Roberta & Simone

  • Wedding date: 23/08/2014
ilbiancoeilrosa followed and respected our difficult ideas from the first meeting. They gave us helpful advice always leaving us the last decision. They took care of every detail and made that day unforgettable.
Valentina & Nicolas
  • Valentina & Nicolas

  • Wedding date: 17/08/2014
ilbiancoeilrosa offers a 360° service with unique professionalism and availability in general. They approach to brides with gentleness and comprehension, understanding all needs. Our marriage has been called "chic, unique and stylish". I recommend ilbiancoeilrosa because it offers a very high quality at a fair price.
Ludovica & Enrico
  • Ludovica & Enrico

  • Wedding date: 21/09/2014
I recommend ilbiancoeilrosa immediately. Professional and friendly, they  solve our problems from the smallest to the largest, avoiding stress and anxiety.
Simona & Michele
  • Simona & Michele

  • Wedding date: 29/06/2013
With the help of ilbiancoeilrosa we found the perfect location: the right combination between the beauty of the place and a sublime cuisine. The help of a figure such as the wedding planner is important to coordinate all aspects avoiding the stress. With ilbiancoeilrosa we have overcome the moments of the preparations in the best way and we had a beautiful wedding.
Sandra & Giorgio
  • Sandra & Giorgio

  • Wedding date: 04/10/2014
Little time to organize everything, so many ideas in our heads and many guests... We wanted an unconventional marriage and ilbiancoeilrosa has been able to put together all of these aspects, helping in preparing and taking care of us. We recommended ilbiancoeilrosa to all for a bespoke and tailor made wedding!
Marta & Francesco
  • Marta e Francesco

  • Wedding date: 27/07/2013

ilbiancoeilrosa made our dream come true: not only did they arrange a perfect day, funny and moving at the same time, but they also supported and spoiled us during one of the most hectic times of our life. Plus they added that very special touch which made our wedding  exceptional!

Maria & Viacheslav
  • Maria e Viacheslav

  • Wedding date: 05/06/2013

Sandra, thank you SO much for our wedding!!Everything was really great!! All of us wish you good luck and we hope to see you again next summer or earlier. If you would like to visit Moscow we will be happy to show you our wonderfull city!! Best regards, Maria

Chiara & Fabio
  • Chiara e Fabio

  • Wedding date: 28/07/2012

Sara and Sandra’s support, all the way through to our wedding day, was really precious to us. They are qualified for the job, reliable and multitasked. They’re also versatile, passionate and very patient (which generally comes in very handy with brides and bridegrooms!).Thank you both! Chiara and Fabio.

Veronica & Massimiliano
  • Veronica e Massimiliano

  • Wedding date: 07/07/2012

We would like to thank ilbiancoeilrosa for making our dream come true. Your accuracy, passion, constant support and advice, and the way you planned our event made the whole experience unforgettable and exciting. The wedding ceremony was exactly how we’d always wanted it to be: accurate, original, with lots of friends ready to have fun. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your help! Vero and Max.

Silvia & Daniele
  • Silvia e Daniele

  • Wedding date: 20/05/2012

Apart from being very professional and competent, Sara and Sandra turned out to be very friendly too. Their help was really precious, fundamental I would say. I have a tendency to be anxious and insecure, but they always managed to reassure me and find the right solution. It is very important to stay calm and serene on your wedding day. I would definitely recommend to anyone two psychologists, professionals. and creative planners like Sara and Sandra. It was pouring with rain on my wedding day; we had to rearrange venue and tables at the very last minute. Had they not been there, I would have panicked big time! Everything was perfect, instead. If only I could, I’d live that day a hundred times over again!

Virginia & Iuri
  • Virginia e Iuri

  • Wedding date: 03/09/2011

ilbiancoeilrosa were very helpful right from the start: choosing the venue, the dress, the accessories, the hairstyle… They made beautiful fancy sweet-boxes for me and decorated the venue just the way I wanted it! Not to mention the cake: a dream! We also saved lots of time and avoided stress thanks to their very precious advice!

Federica & Omar
  • Federica e Omar

  • Wedding date: 16/07/2011

I totally relied on them for the organisation of my wedding, and am very happy to have done that!!! They are extremely nice people; kind, very professional and with a strong attention to detail!!! They made our wedding day even more special!!! Extremely recommended!!!

Lucia & Giacomo
  • Lucia e Giacomo

  • Wedding date: 02/06/2010

I would like to thank Sandra, a special friend who, on this occasion, revealed to be a perfect wedding planner too. Your passion has turned into a profession and the events that you organise reflect all the enthusiasm that you show when arranging them! Welldone! Giacomo and Lucia.

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