Many couples come to us with high expectations to receive the best service we can offer and to fulfill their dream: getting married in beautiful and charming Tuscany, full of enchanting venues. The team of ilbiancoeilrosa wedding planner is based in Lucca, Tuscany, and specialised in arranging and performing high-level quality, refined and original weddings all over central Italy. ilbiancoeilrosa are committed to provide you with a stress-free wedding, which will reflect your desires; your special day will be  exactly how you immagine it would be.

Perfect planning equals perfect wedding

It could even take just a few weeks to organise a wedding, as long as work is carried out by a team of professionals. However, if you would like to create “the” event, it is necessary to start planning a year in advance. Venue, catering, dress, cadeaux de mariane require attention to all the details in order to make your special day a perfect one. ilbiancoeilrosa will provide the couple with a number of experts to assist them and arrange the ceremony in a totally stress-free environment.


wedding planner tuscany


The wedding theme is suggested by the couple to then be developed by ilbiancoeilrosa

Every wedding has its own starting point, something which makes it unique and exceptional. ilbiancoeilrosa will arrange everything according to this underlying theme: dress and suit, settings, fancy sweet-boxes, design, in order to create a wedding day that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Whether wedding or civil partnership, we will be by your side

Whatever you are wishing to organise, ilbiancoeilrosa wedding planner will be there by your side, to help with all sorts of arrangements and bureaucracy.

matrimonio-firenzeIt is our goal to choose the suitable entourage for yor wedding

ilbiancoeilrosa will work in collaboration with the best team of professionals to supply the bride and bridegroom-to-be with  the best services, in total transparency.

Wedding design 

It is fundamental to perfectly plan both church and venue design. By using plates as a reference, we can arrange tables, benches, lounge area and many more details, in the best possible way, according to your needs.

tulle tailsServices that we can offer

• Wedding design

• Dealing with papers and bureaucracy

• Finding the right church

• Venue

• Guest accommodation

• Car rental for the bride and groom

• Transport

• Invitations and fancy sweet-boxes

• Dress for the bride and suit fro the groom

• Bridal Stylist and make-up artist

• Flowers and decorations

• Wedding rings and jewels

• Coordinating the wedding day

• Catering e banqueting

• Wedding cake and sugared almonds

• Music and entertainment

• Baby-Sitting

• Entertainment and games for children

• Wedding list

• On line wishing list

• Honeymoon

• Original ideas for the wedding day